Imagine this scenery: it's cold, you're outside, you have nowhere to go and have no shelter whatsoever. Most of the time, you have to ask for money, just to afford something to eat or drink. If you are lucky, you will get some money for your food, but otherwise you will need to look for food even in some dirty places. Most of the people living on the street are kicked out or homeless shelters are full. It sounds rough doesn’t it? Write to people about this or find someone on

Is there a better feeling than laying in your cozy bed, watching TV, and not being afraid about what are you going to eat? Well, if you know this feeling that means that you have better life than homeless people. Their lives are ruined by many different factors; bad state organization or bad luck. The thing is, we should all enjoy living, but not all of us have an opportunity to do so. So if your life is good enough go out and help whoever you can. You don't know how little things can make someone’s day. Happiness is in little things, and every man deserves it.